How to Start a Book Club

As long as I can remember I have loved to read. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, the Anne of Green Gables series, The Secret Garden, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice are just a few of the titles I remember devouring as a child and leaving a mark on my heart.

Today is no different. I still adore reading even though time doesn’t allow for it as much as I would like- child, business, you know, life in general. One way I ensure that I make reading a priority is with my book club. Each month, I always look forward to our group gathering so we can dissect our latest read. Usually, we pick a food theme, as trying new recipes and dishes is also near and dear to us, and meet at a member’s house to eat, talk, and most importantly, drink wine!

As a group, we’ve read an array of titles and we’re not scared to try a new genre, which to me are good earmarks of a book club.

If you’re considering starting a book club, here are a few tips for getting started.

Quality Over Quantity
You don’t have to have a lot of members, even two dedicated readers will work, to start a book club. As long everyone is interested in trying new titles, have a devotion for reading, and feel comfortable speaking in a group setting, then finding members for your book club will be a cinch.

Same goes for books. Pick one title every month, or two months, if you’re members are challenged for time or you’ve chosen a massive tome. There are a great variety of titles and authors for analyzing and dissecting! (See below.)

Communication is Key
Create a clear line of communication for organizing dates, books, and locations for your book club. Our book club is coordinated through a private Facebook group so we can share event dates, other titles we find interesting, and updates on past reads. You can start a blog, an email chain, or use another social app like Twitter or Instagram to message members.

Location, Location, Location
You’ll need a spot to meet each month, so location is key. Our group members all live relatively close, so we rotate each month, meeting in our homes. If you don’t want to invite everyone into your space, look for a neighborhood coffee shop or restaurant that allows for groups, or take the conversation outdoors and meet at a local park or pavilion.

Nosh & Sip
If you’re hosting at home, invite everyone to bring a dish to share amongst the group so the host doesn’t have to worry about preparing an entire meal. Someone doesn’t like to cook? Bring wine! You can never go wrong with wine or a spritz that compliments what the host has prepared. Each month my book club picks a food theme for everyone to focus their dishes on, and often we end up with an interesting collection of appetizers and desserts that are delicious and divine!

Between the Covers
Looking for suggestions to start you off? These were past favorites of my book club. Enjoy and happy reading!


Are you in a book club? If so, share your favorite titles with me below!