Turning the Page: The Sun and Her Flowers

I am a person who judges a book by its cover.

Most often I do it unintentionally, but I love good design and a clean aesthetic. When I saw The Sun and Her Flowers on the shelf at Barnes & Noble, it beckoned me over with its simple flower sketch and minimalist design.

But it is SO much more (obviously).

I had heard of Rupi Kaur but had not the pleasure of reading her work, until now. The Sun and Her Flowers is actually her second book of poetry (I plan to buy her first, Milk and Honey, next) and it quite honestly moved me.

At times heartbreaking and melancholy, it also is full of light. It really does lead the reader on a “journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming”. She covers love, in all forms- familial, lust, self- and defines how your home is forever ingrained in your spirit.

If you’ve not reveled in her prose, I encourage you to take the journey.

What books of poetry would you recommend?

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