Tea Time: Charleston Tea Plantation

I don’t claim to be a tea connoisseur or quite honestly know a lot about it, I just know what I find soothing and delicious, which is the Charleston Breakfast Tea from the Charleston Tea Plantation.

I happened on these teas when we stayed at The Inn at Middleton Place last year for a work trip, they were serving them in the Riverfront Lodge and at breakfast at The Lakehouse. They were so comforting after a long day of meetings, sightseeing, and shopping.

The Plantation Peach Tea and Rockville Raspberry are also favorites, especially during a work break on a chilly, weary day.

Unfortunately, during that trip, we didn’t get to visit the Charleston Tea Plantation, but it will definitely be on our agenda the next time we’re in the Holy City. They offer factory and trolley tours!

What is your favorite type of tea?