Outdoor Living Restyle for Summer

outdoor restyle

My favorite time of year is summer. Sitting outside with a crisp glass of wine, a good book, and sunshine is the best cure for whatever ails me. This is done preferably at the beach, but our outdoor living area comes in second place. 

Winter felt long to me this year, even though it was mild, and with the flux of warm days, we decided to open our outdoor living space a bit early this year.

After a good scrub and fresh coat of stain, we laid out our striped rug, moved our L-shaped wicker couch out of storage, and brought out the firepit and dining table. When we finished, my husband grilled steaks and our tradition is to toast the outdoor season with prosecco (this is my fav) on the porch

While the temperatures fluctuate each week, we’ve already enjoyed a few meals and evenings within the folds of the cushions, chatting and planning how we plan to take advantage of our son’s summer break. 

I want to revamp a few items this year, especially in the lighting area. We have solar lights on our posts that need to be replaced, so we ordered these deck lights to try. Their shape and warm hue will add just the right ambiance to our outdoor setting. 

I would love to add a bit of whimsy with these firefly lights in my planters or along our steps, and place of few large lanterns around for a lowlight glow. 

Pillows are only ever good for a few seasons, so this year I want to revamp my couch with a more coastal vibe and order a set of each coral branch and starfish throw pillows. Plus a good throw, like this teal woven blanket, for cool evenings to add a soft touch. 

Finally, I need a new set of coasters and adore this woven rattan set which will look chic, especially when matched with a classic drinking tumbler perfect for water, wine, or whiskey.

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