Notes from the Week, 3.5.21


March 7-13, 2021 is Women in Construction Week (#WICWeek2021), which is a cool initiative to highlight the numerous opportunities available to women in the construction industry.

Full discretion, I have two clients that are in the highway construction industry and have worked on highlighting #WICWeek for their organizations. That said, I think it’s an industry often overlooked and this campaign helps to connect and diversify the field that offers a lot of career opportunities. You can learn more at


This past Christmas, I was gifted a Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Medium (A5) Notebook in Stone Blue by my brother-in-law and I absolutely adore it!

I am a die-hard Moleskine fan, but this notebook has been a delight. I love that the pages are numbered and there is a contents page where I can notate where specific notes or drawings are located. It would only be more perfect if half of the notebook was comprised of blank pages and the other half lined, then I would have somewhere I can sketch more freely.


I just finished Margaret Atwood’s MasterClass on writing as well as Kelly Wearstler’s on interior design. We took advantage of a promo over the holidays and so far I have found the subscription VERY rewarding. Personally, I could sit and listen to writers talk about their craft all day!

This weekend, I hope to finish Dan Brown’s class on writing thrillers, and my husband and I plan to dive into James Suckling’s Wine Appreciation class! Cin Cin!


When you buy a notepad, what do you look for? Design? Quality of paper? What other key elements do you navigate to? Lined, unlined, short, thick? Do share with me in the comments!

I personally love to make lists that I can check off daily and love a crisp, thick piece of paper that allows my pencil or pen (gel, please!) to glide over easily. Bonus points if it’s recycled paper!


If you haven’t watched Behind Her Eyes on Netflix and like thrillers, give it a go. It’s based on Sarah Pinborough’s book, which I read when it came out in 2017, and now it’s been made into a 6 part limited series.

While the show is a bit of a slow burn at the start, the ending offers up a good twist that will leave you wide-eyed with disbelief. #seewhatididthere