Season to Love: Summer

What is your favorite season? Mine has always been summer. I’ve always adored the hot weather, the rays of sun beating down on my face, plus my birthday landing smack dab in the middle of July never hurt the love affair. It was always like Christmas in July!

And aside from the slide into middle age inching closer each year, I still do adore the hot temps, sunshine, and just overall feeling of summer- the freedom, the fun.

In short, the whole world feels as if it’s in bloom and so many possibilities exist.

Living in Myrtle Beach has afforded me this luxury of wholeheartedly loving summer, too. In fact, here, summer is longer and lovelier. Generally, while my northern friends and family are listless and unhappy about cold temperatures and snow, we’re comfortable and pleasant as the temperature is 20 degrees warmer beginning in late March/early April.

May is a bursting with possibility. June, July, and August are hot, but the hype of tourist season distracts you, allowing you to relive past vacations or feel as if you’re on perpetual vacation. But September, that month, is a DREAM. As summer slowly comes to its calendar end, it is the best month to enjoy the beach. The hustle and bustle of the season has slowed, the water is still wildly warm, and the beaches are almost empty.

Summer, to me, is sitting down with friends for fresh seafood, spending hours at the beach digging in the sand and jumping in the waves, and tan lines in unusual shapes.

What does summer mean to you?