Magazines: Escapism in Short Bursts

Do you have a favorite magazine? One that you’re excited to open each time it’s delivered? For me, it’s often varied, depending on where I am in life. In high school, college, and the years after, I followed style religiously and loved Harper’s Bazaar when Liz Tilberis was the editor, and later Marie Claire under Joanna Coles’ direction. I really admired Tilberis’ work with Harper’s Bazaar, she made me want to work in magazines and publishing. Her eye was incredible.Other times it’s been periodicals that are focused on my trade that offers inspiration- Poets & Writers, Writer’s Digest– or magazines centered on home design and style, such as Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, and most recently Magnolia Journal, for when I feel the need to be creative with my surroundings.Right now, the publications I’m most excited to reach for? All of them.The writing in The New Yorker, the view of history in The Smithsonian, recipes in Real Simple, shoe spreads in Glamour. Magazines right now, for me, are escapism, in short bursts. An escape from the news cycle and an alternative look at what’s happening in the world via style, design, food, writing, and so much more. How this moment in time may not be completely hindered, but instead relished, especially in the small things.

What do you do to escape?