Q & A: Kathy O’Shell of You Deserve This Design

Kathy O’Shell of You Deserve This Design
It’s very inspiring to me when friends follow their passions, and most recently my friend Kathy O’Shell opened You Deserve This Design, a jewelry boutique on Etsy where she handcrafts pendants, bracelets, and earrings to spark your imagination.I personally love her designs, as previously noted in this post, and was curious to find out where her inspiration draws from. Read on for an inside look at how Kathy designs!Q: How and when did you start designing jewelry?A: My daughter started me with some simple bracelets about 7 or 8 years ago, just messing around at the kitchen table, and now I am an unrepentant beadaholic!Q: What made you decide to open You Deserve This Design on Etsy?A: For the last 2 years, I have wanted to branch out to sell full-time- instead of just doing seasonal craft shows- and I had the opportunity to step down from my regular full-time job to a part-time position to pursue my passion, so I am taking it!Q: What is your favorite type of jewelry to design and make?A: Pearls- strands and strands of pearls. Long and short and twined and woven, I love pearls!Q: Where do you find inspiration?A: Everywhere! I love to watch tutorials online to learn new techniques. I love to talk to other jewelry artists and ask them questions about how they create. Sometimes in the bead shop, a group of stones just come together visually and project ideas pop into my head.Q: If you could design one piece for a celebrity, what would it be and for who?A: That’s a tough one! I like to make bridal pieces, so I would make a stunning choker for Kit Harington to give his betrothed, Rose Leslie.Q: What exciting pieces are coming to your shop next?A: Recent inspiration from my trip to Topsail Beach- wire-wrapped sea glass and shell fossil pieces!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from You Deserve This Design!


If you’re interested in shopping Kathy’s current collection, visit her You Deserve This Design shop!