Simple Things

Spring seems to finally be sticking around, and while we’ve not had a bad winter (sorry to those in the north!), it does seem as if spring would never come- or we’d skip right over to sweltering summer temps.

Spring is also the prime time to revamp our landscaping. After a year and a half hiatus, we finally refreshed our mulch beds using 60+ bags of dark brown mulch and, quite frankly, it looks great. With the baby and running our own business, we really didn’t make the time for it last year. After two hurricanes passed through this past fall, our flower beds were sorely missing bits of bark and weeds were starting to take over.

It really is the simple things that can make the biggest impact. After laying the mulch in a matter of 3 hours (nap time = hustle time!), we were sore but happy with the end result.

Up next? Figuring out what flowers to plant in a few beds and planters that I won’t kill within a month (not many), adding another style element to the front entryway (loving these), and revamping the back patio with a new color scheme and lights (maybe these?).

What are the simple things you did to revamp your house or landscaping for spring?

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