I Want to Open a Stationery Store

For the love of notebooks

I want to open a stationery store. Why? I’ve always adored stationery. As far back as I can remember, I’ve hoarded pencils, pens, notebooks, paper, binding clips, anything that was fun, functional, and for the desk. 

I’m pretty sure I could open up shop today with the collection of pencils and notebooks currently residing around my house. But I won’t. I want to do it right. However, figuring out what’s right isn’t exactly coming together for me. 

I think I am trying too hard for perfection. Scratch that, I know I am trying too hard for perfection. 

For example, I have a design for a ‘To Do’ scratch pad created. I’ve test run the design, tweaked it, used it again, tweaked it again, and then enlisted the help of friends to use the design. Now it’s down to finding the right paper, binding it, and then taking the leap and ordering them. 

But before I click order, I become seized by doubt. Why would anyone want one of my designs? There are already so many notepads out there, how can my design break through the noise? Start. Stop. It’s an endless cycle, and one where I know I just have to take the leap and make it happen. 

But I have to think that if I don’t have the confidence in it, others won’t either. I want to find the striking factor that inspires me, knowing it will inspire others too. 

So dear reader, if you’re out there, what would you suggest? Just get off my duff and make it happen, or should it be perfect?