Notes from the Week, 4.9.21

Spring flowers

Decked Out

Later this month (or early May) we’re having a Bright Covers deck cover added to our back deck. Not only will it add a much wanted covering over the deck, but it will help protect us from UV rays while allowing the most light to shine through. I’m looking forward to all the time we’ll spend outdoors, eventually having parties again.🤞🏽

Since we’re adding the cover we’ve decided to completely refresh our outdoor living space and have FINALLLY found and ordered a new outdoor sectional! We were gifted a huge fire pit for Christmas from my in-laws, and the last piece of the puzzle is to find the perfect grill.

We want to update our outdoor dining table as well so that we might seat six (versus our current four), but that may have to wait as many pieces are either out of stock or too pricey for the type of table we want. 

I’m psyched for it to all come together and will take pictures when it’s completed! 

Spring Flowers

Everything is starting to bloom and once again the world feels a bit hopeful, especially as more vaccines are given and the infection numbers go down. I can’t say that navigating this pandemic has been easy. I know for us it could have been a lot worse and am grateful that we are so far coming out of it largely unscathed {knock wood}, but it’s still been tough mentally. 

We moved back to my hometown in late 2018 so that our son might be closer to his grandparents, and were just starting to get settled, explore, and find new friends when COVID hit. Over a year later, the impact of the loneliness I feel is apparent. I miss our friends from South Carolina. I miss being able to meet a friend for coffee {or if I’m really honest- happy hour}. I am also apprehensive what our lives will look and feel like post-COVID too. 

Reading Now

I just finished Karen White’s The Night the Lights Went Out, which was a fun read, if not a little predictable for me. If you’ve read it, could you tell from about a ¼ way into the book how the story would end? Or was it just me? 

Currently, I’m reading Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See, which has been on my #TBR list since it debuted and was the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction. I’m only a few pages in but Doerr throws you into the action immediately and compels you to engage with the characters. 

My book club will meet later this month to discuss it and I know it will be a great conversation.