Design Inspo: Make Yourself at Home

Do you sometimes look around your house and wish you could change it all? I do- to the annoyance of my husband! Often it’s the decor theme of the guest bathroom, the organization of the kitchen countertops, or a section of the living room that I want to adjust or alter.

When this bug hits, I often like to look for little ways to change things that offer a big impact, such as new throw pillows, adding/deleting a piece of furniture, or changing bits of decor around. This time around I intend to use Moorea Seal’s Make Yourself at Home for inspiration.

My gracious mother-in-law bought it for me as a Christmas gift and I have enjoyed pouring over the images and simple DIY projects, like the copper blanket ladder and essential oil diffuser.

Seal offers the reader a journey into designing a space that allows for ‘your true self’ to show, including projects, tips, and stories from fellow entrepreneurs and friends on how they invest in decorating their homes.

My first stop? The living room. Seal states, “Our living room is a visual map of who we are.” Along with crafting a copper blanket ladder, I hope to make it more chic and cozy with a few fun indoor plants and altering the color scheme, but we’ll see where the journey takes me!

Where do you look for inspiration for home projects?