2018 Travel Wish List

Every year we try to go on a week-long vacation, often planning to visit somewhere we’ve never been before or to somewhere we haven’t been in a while. In the past, my husband and I have been to St. Lucia, the Bahamas, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, Sanibel Island in Florida, and to my most favorite location, Italy!

In 2014, we traveled to Italy, taking part in Globus’s Italian Tapestry tour. We flew into Venice, traveling south through the country with stops in Modena, Florence, Siena, Pienza, Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Positano, and finally flying out of Naples.

We thought using a tour company would be a great way to be introduced to the country, see a lot of the places and things we hoped to visit, and a way to feel comfortable navigating around the language barrier. We were very happy with our decision- the tour allowed us to skip long lines in Rome at the Vatican, get close to the David in Florence, and taste a 150+-year-old balsamic vinegar in Tuscany!

This year our wish list is a little bit different, we’re not sure if want to attempt a family vacation or just escape as a twosome, hence the variety of locales.

Here are the destinations that we’re considering traveling to in 2018.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

I’ve been to PEI twice in high school and absolutely fell in love with it, albeit I was intrigued to go because I was such a big fan of Anne of Green Gables, but my husband has never been to the island, so I would love for him to explore and discover its beauty. I know a lot has changed and parts of the island have become more commercial due to an influx of Anne visitors, but I know there is a great foodie community and plenty of outdoor sports to enjoy.

Texas- Austin, Houston, Waco, San Antonio

We’ve never been to the Lone Star state and with the excitement surrounding the art community in certain cities, we’d love to check it out. Yes, I am a fan of Fixer Upper so scoping out Waco would be mainly to jump on the Magnolia bandwagon, but I’m okay with that… my husband will kindly do it because he loves me!

Key West, Florida

While we’ve been to Sanibel Island and the Tampa area, we’ve never gone further south and would love to check out the Keys and Key West. I had a friend in high school who lived in Key West for a while and loved it, he always inspired me to travel there. And yes, as a writer, I am a Hemingway fan, so seeing his abode would be interesting.

California- Los Angeles, Napa Valley, San Francisco

I have been to California once in high school, and only to Los Angeles, but have not been back since. I’d love to take two weeks to rediscover Los Angeles but also explore other cities like San Diego or San Francisco. An ideal trip would include an extensive winery tour in Napa Valley.

Cruising to parts of the Caribbean

After taking several cruises in the Caribbean, if we were to go this time, I’d like to try different ports we haven’t visited (might be a good time to check Key West off) or enjoy more time on the water. My favorite part of a cruise is when we are in calm, open water and it’s all you can see for miles and miles!

Where do you hope to travel to in 2018? Share with me in the comments!

Here are a few shots (and I mean a few, I think we took over 2,000 pictures while we were there) from our trip to Italy!